Beauty & Brokenness: Confronting the Curse, Awaiting Redemption

September 11 & 12, 2009
Madrid, IA

Some see beauty while others see nothing but brokenness and a sense that we are trapped on a landfill planet of doom and despair. Sometimes it seems that our Western culture maintains an atmosphere of hyper-marketing which over-accentuates the beautiful and disdains the less-thanperfect. Please join us at the sixth Iowa LíAbri Conference as we grapple with these issues and seek a balanced view of the beauty of the original creation and an honest look at life in the fallen and cursed world. We look forward in hope to the restored Heaven and Earth as co-laborers in Godís work of reclaiming and restoring His creation "far as the curse is found."

See the brochure and insert for more details.

James & Heidi Roland
Alan & Laurie Jensen
Peter & Dawn Merz

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