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Wellinghall Downs

1011 East Tenth Street

Atlantic, Iowa 50022

(712) 243-5227

Fax (712) 243-5594

Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Arts: History 1997 - 99

Northwestern College St. Paul, Minnesota

Summa Cum Laude, GPA 3.95

1998-99 National Collegiate Social Sciences Award

1998-99 All-American Scholar Collegiate Award

1998-99 Donald Erickson Honor Scholarship

1997-1999 Highest Honors for Academic Excellence Award

1998 Independent Treatise - An Unbearable Yoke

Research Course: Renaissance and Reformation in Europe 1998

Centre for Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies Oxford, England

Professor Alistair McGrath - Tutor

Core Lecture Course 4 qtr. credits

Christian Spirituality Seminar 4 qtr. credits

Art & Religion Seminar 4 qtr. credits

College transfer Credit 1992-1993

Iowa Western Community College Council Bluffs, Iowa

1992 English Composition I 4.5 qtr. credits

1992 Spreadsheet Applications 4.5 qtr. credits

1993 English Composition II 4.5 qtr. credits

Highschool Diploma 1993

Plumfield Highschool Atlantic, Iowa

Act Examination 1993

Atlantic High School Atlantic, Iowa

English: 26

Mathematics: 18

Reading: 29

Science Reasoning: 25

Composite score: 25

College Transfer Credit 1991

Excelsior College: The University of the State of New York

(Formerly SUNY-Regents College) Albany, New York

Oral Communication & Interpersonal Skills 4.5 qtr. credits


Co-founder & Project Representative 1999 - To Present

Operation Anubis

PACE International Nyahururu, Kenya

Strategic project planning, educational lecturing, advisory board and fund-raising. For this project I was sent to Kenya to do investigative reporting on the gross atrocities that have prompted the organization's mission. The work I did there has been covered by the Associated Press, The Des Moines Register and the Kenya Daily Nation.

Upon returning to the States, I authored a 50-page project proposal with WordPerfect ?8.0. This document presented the project with diplomatic forethought, taking into account local politics and cultural customs. Through this operation I have worked with various government agencies and bureaus of the news media.

Position: Part-time

Salary: Volunteer

Supervisor: Wachira Ngamau

Management Advisor 1999 - To Present

Roland Funeral Service Atlantic, Iowa

Strategic planning, information analysis and organizational development. After coordinating an Intensive Consolidation Project for the corporation's diverse assets and property, my current tasks are forming a long-range strategic plan and preparing a creative community-based, educational event. I have also overseen the design of a web site to communicate the firm's mission and philosophy.

Position: Full-time

Salary: $26,000

Supervisor: Warren B. Roland

Assistant Instructional Designer 1997 - 99

Center for Distance Education

Northwestern College Saint Paul, Minnesota

Co-authored and edited course curricula and study guides. Designed web pages for courses.

Position: Part-time

Salary: $6.50 per hour

Supervisor: Gregory Lund

Reason for leaving: Relocation

Resident manager 1998 - 99

Hillsborough Manor Roseville, Minnesota

Co-managed, cleaned and maintained a 247 unit building.

Position: Part-time

Salary: $8.00 per hour

Supervisor: Deanna Mcaleese

Reason for leaving: Relocation

Police Officer 1996 - 97

Reserve Unit

Atlantic Police Department Atlantic, Iowa

Performed street patrol duties, developed an Investigative Support Detail and was assigned to a drug surveillance team.

Position: Part-time

Salary: $1.00 annual (volunteer)

Team Leader: Bob Blake

Reason for leaving: Relocation

Skills & Accomplishments

Desktop Publishing (PageMaker ?6.5+)

Word Processing (WordPerfect ?2000).

Dale Carnegie Course ?in Effective Speaking and Human Relations; Award winning graduate.


Northwestern College Alumni Association. 1999-present.